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Date by : 2015-11-20 05:11:57


Version 1.0 of the social investment community Investor Compass is now launched!

Investor Compass aims to maximize profit and minimize risk for alternative investments. Users rate investments they have made and the brokers they have used, giving guidance where to and where not to invest.

Alternative investments such as forex products, property and forestry have little information available on the market of the actual performance. The information that does exist is mainly marketing material, which is, of course, biased. There is a wide range of alternative investment products on the market, offered by both investment issuers and third party distributors, but it is difficult to know who you can trust and what investment products actually work. This is why Investor Compass has been created.

By sharing their experiences, members at Investor Compass help each other to: 

  • Find the best alternative investments on the global market

  • Avoid bad investments and brokers

  • Explore opportunities they wouldn’t have found on their own

  • Discuss investments

  • Identify scam brokers 

You are most welcome to sign up for FREE membership.

As this is version 1.0 of Investor Compass we would be very happy to get feedback from you regarding your overall impression and potential improvements!

We would appreciate if you spread the word of Investor Compass to your friends to help us grow the Investor Compass network fast so we can find the best alternative investments out there.

With the hope to create better and more informative investment decisions - together!


Your Investment Compass team